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Approved Timing Belt Replacement Service

The timing belt (or cambelt) is a crucial part of the engine. Based on the vehicle’s age and mileage our technicians can inspect whether you need a replacement.

If a replacement is required, we specialise in timing belt replacement for every make and model of car undertaken by fully qualified technicians with a combined experienced of 50 years.

Once fitted our technicians will test the vehicle thoroughly to ensure the correct running of the new belt and make any adjustments required for its premium operation.

Free Timing Belt Replacement Check

Get in touch with your vehicle registration and we will let you know when your timing belt replacement is due according to the manufacturer’s schedule.

FREE 1 Year Part & Labour Guarantee

We provide a FREE 1-year or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) parts and labour guarantee on work carried out on top of the standard manufacturers guarantee.

FREE Local Vehicle Pickup & Deliver

We can also arrange FREE local collection and local drop-off of your vehicle, which means you have no need to visit the garage, making your timing belt replacement hassle-free.

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The timing belt (also known as the cambelt) is a vital engine component with a pivotal role in keeping your motor running effortlessly. It is the belt which rotates the engine's camshaft and crankshaft in-sync and ensures each cylinder fires at the right time. Depending on the vehicle, a timing belt replacement could range from 40,000 miles up to 100,000 miles or from 4-6 years.

Your timing belt is subject to wear out over time due to cracking, snapping or tearing, with few warning signs of damage. Here are some common symptoms to look out for to detect any issues with your timing belt:

Noise from the engine
The noise could be a hissing, squealing, grinding or rattling sound. Squealing is a common sound for a loose timing belt, which could indicate wear and require replacement. If the belt is somewhat new and is making noise, you may need the tension adjusted, but should still have it checked for unusual wear.

Engine not starting
If there is a problem with the timing belt, your vehicle may not start. Without the timing belt, the camshaft will not be able to rotate when the crankshaft turns. This can be confirmed by seeing whether the camshaft while turning the crankshaft. If the camshaft does not turn, the belt is most likely broken.

Engine misfire
An engine misfire can be caused by the timing belt slipping on the camshaft drive, creating a cylinder to open or close earlier than it should. If not replaced quickly it may result in detrimental engine damage.

Leaking oil
Leaking motor oil from the timing belt cover is frequently known to result in an overheated engine and wear down of the timing belt.

Yes, we offer customers a free non-obligation check. Call us on 020 8441 1822 or use the form to arrange a free check.

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Brands we specialise in

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Hassle-free repair at a fair price. Very friendly.

Rebecca Shah

Brilliant service, car drives amazing, looked after with 1st class service. Great price.

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Very reasonably priced and very quick. Extremely happy with the results.

Larissa Harden

Excellent customer service at a very reasonable price.

Neil Tarachand


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