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Free Pickup & Delivery

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1 Year Guarantee

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Same Day Repairs

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Courtesy Cars

Approved Exhaust Repairs & Replacement From £89

We carry out exhaust and catalytic converter repairs and replacements on all makes and models of vehicles.

We use the highest quality parts to ensure that the exhaust system is running at its optimum level, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.

We have the latest diagnostic and mechanical equipment, where our highly trained technicians provide you with the best exhaust servicing, fitting, repairs and replacement options.

Free Exhaust Inspection

If you’re experiencing issues with your exhaust or catalytic converter or are hearing loud and unusual noises from the exhaust, we will happily undertake a free, non-obligation inspection to diagnose the issue.

FREE 1 Year Part & Labour Guarantee

We provide a FREE 1-year or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) parts and labour guarantee on work carried out on top of the standard manufacturers guarantee.

FREE Local Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

We can also arrange FREE local collection and local drop-off of your vehicle, which means you have no need to visit the garage, making your exhaust repairs hassle-free.

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An exhaust system is a series of pipes leading from a vehicle’s engine to an open tailpipe at the rear. The exhaust is purposed for several tasks: it reduces noise with its silencer, averts waste gases, improves vehicle performance, reduces toxic gases/pollutants by the exhaust’s catalytic convertor and promotes fuel efficiency.

A quality exhaust should normally last between 5-10 years, but an exhausts lifespan is hugely affected by driving conditions and other factors.

With the exhaust system in such a prevalent area of the vehicle, damage can be easily caused by speed humps, high curbs or large obstacles in the road that a vehicle drives over. Exhaust corrosion can place in the form of rust, from the inside out, which can cause the exhaust to be susceptible to leaks. Here are a few other signs to listen and look out for, to determine if you need your exhaust to be serviced:

Unusual Sounds
A hissing noise under the vehicle could suggest a crack/leak in one of the pipes in the exhaust manifold or gasket. If a chugging sound can be heard under the vehicle it could mean that the exhaust system is blocked. A loud roaring exhaust noise points to a damaged silencer, possibly due to a hole in it. If rattling can be heard or vibrations felt under the vehicle, it could mean a missing, damaged or loose exhaust component or piping out of position.

Excessive Smoke
Excessive white smoke could be due to a leaking anti-freeze, a cylinder head gasket or a small hole in the engine block. Excessive blue smoke could be due to burnt oil getting into the exhaust. Black smoke could indicate the engine is burning fuel inefficiently.

Visible signs of rusting outside and inside of the exhaust pipe could lead on to creating a crack or leak.

Yes, we offer customers a free non-obligation check. Call us on 020 8441 1822 or use the form to arrange a free check.

Brands we specialise in

Brands we specialise in

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Hassle-free repair at a fair price. Very friendly.

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Brilliant service, car drives amazing, looked after with 1st class service. Great price.

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Very reasonably priced and very quick. Extremely happy with the results.

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Excellent customer service at a very reasonable price.

Neil Tarachand


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