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Air Conditioning & Climate Control Service

Your vehicle’s air con or climate control is not usually checked and tested as part of the MOT check test or within a vehicle service either. Therefore it is essential to include air con or climate control service as part of your vehicle maintenance routine.

Included in our air con or climate control service is a temperature check, refrigerant check, antibacterial treatment, vacuum test, leak test, recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from system, visual inspection, operation of air conditioning system check.

With our air con or climate control service, our experienced technicians will diagnose any issues detected, advise and undertake any repairs required.

Air Conditioning & Climate Control Repairs

Unfortunately problems can arise over time with your air con or climate control. There are several causes of a non-working or poorly efficient air con or climate control, which can include leaking refrigerant, clogged condenser, failed condenser, electrical fault, faulty cooling fans and damaged compressor.

If you detect any issues or unpleasant odours with your air con or climate control, contact us for a free check.

Air Conditioning & Climate Control Regas

Air con or climate control regas involves removing the air con’s current refrigerant and replacing it with a new one enabling the air con or climate control system to perform efficiently.

A regas is key if your air con is blowing out warm air or works irregularly. A recharge can bring back its normal functionality.

We use industry-approved R1234YF and R134A refrigerant gas.

Our regas service also includes system oil replenishment, leak check, temperature check, performance check and removal of moisture & air from the air con system.


We provide a FREE 1-year or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) parts and labour guarantee on work carried out on top of the standard manufacturers guarantee.


We can also arrange FREE local collection and local drop-off of your vehicle, which means you have no need to visit the garage, making your air con repairs hassle-free.

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Excellent customer service at a very reasonable price.

Neil Tarachand


Some tell-tale signs your air con is in need of repair:

Little or no cool air
You’ll experience a noticeable loss the cooling capability of the AC system. Air will not be blowing as cold as before or you may experience no cold air at all.

Unusual noises
If you’re hearing unusual noises when you turn on the AC, such as banging or rattling, this could be a sign repair is required before the AC system completely fails.

Unpleasant smell
If you notice an unpleasant smell when you turn on your AC system, the smell may indicate mould is growing inside the AC system. Leaving this unattended can wreak havoc on allergies, breathing and cause sore throats.

Yes, we can thoroughly debug your air con system to ensure your air con is free of any bacteria or mould build up, which normally contributes to your air con venting out unpleasant odours.

In order to maintain your car's ac system, manufacturers recommend a service every 2-3 years.

Your air con normally needs a regas when the air blown from the air vents is warm, not as cool as usual or intermittently switching between delivering warm and cool air. If you are not sure of your vehicle air con needs regassing, contact us for a free air con check.

If you do not regas your air con, this can prevent your air con from performing efficiently. You may also start to notice musty smells from your air vent, as moisture built up in the air con system can breed bacteria and mould; this could cause passengers to feel sickly if they breathe in airborne bacteria coming from the air vent.

R1234YF is the gas an air con uses to fulfil its cooling function. It is a newer and more environmentally friendly refrigerant gas and came into line on passenger cars and light goods vehicles since 1st January 2017. Prior to that R134a was the most common refrigerant gas to be used by vehicle manufacturers. The use of R1234YF only applies to new vehicles from 1st January 2017, therefore all vehicles that currently use R134a are still able to continue to use that refrigerant.

Yes, we offer customers a free non-obligation check. Call us on 020 8441 1822 or use the form to arrange a free check.

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Brands we specialise in

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Excellent customer service at a very reasonable price.

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